TLP Buoy System

The installation of Tension Leg Offshore Platforms requires a temporary buoy system to support the tendons prior to arrival of the hull structure. Once the tendons are connected to the hull, the buoys can be removed.

Recognized as the world leader in the design and fabrication of Tendon Buoy Systems, DDI has led the buoy development for ten TLP installations.

Succesful Installations:

  • Big Foot (GOM)
  • Papa Terra (Brazil)
  • Chenzi (GOM)
  • Magnolia (GOM)
  • Okume (W. Africa)
  • Oveng (W. Africa)
  • Kizomba B (W. Africa)
  • Kizomba A (W. Africa)
  • Marco Polo (GOM)
  • Prince (GOM)
DDI Buoys are slotted along their vertical axis for removal. Buoyancy to 1 million lbs can be provided