Custom Long Life Cylinders

Detail Design Inc. manufactures hydraulic cylinders specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the subsea operating environment. The cylinders are custom designed to suit specific applications and are designed to deliver the reliability that a subsea application demands.

DDI’s cylinders are manufactured with 316 SS barrels and heads and NITRONIC 50 pistons and rods. End configurations are designed to interface with the actuated equipment. Small bore (up to 3″ bore) low and medium pressure (up to 3000 psi) utilizes tie rod design, while higher pressure and larger bores utilize threaded or bolted head designs.

DDI’s cylinders utilize nylon wear rings to eliminate metal to metal contact between moving parts, minimizing the danger of galling and ruining the seal surfaces. The piston features double acting seals to ensure a positive seal to the cylinder in both directions. All joints, static and dynamic, exposed to sea water feature a seal to prevent sea water intrusion into the cylinder. DDI’s blind use cylinders (applications where the piston rod or moving equipment cannot be seen) even feature a tell-tale that allows a visual indication to an ROV of the piston position.

Ram type.150 Ton, 6 in. Bore, 10,000psi

Cylinder, 3,000 psi, 4 in. Bore x 9 in. Stroke