Hot Stabs & Receptacles

Developed in conjunction with Shell Offshore, Inc. Detail Design’s dual function hot stabs have become the industry standard for superior versatility, performance and durability. DDI’s hot stabs offer significant advantages over the competition.

DDI’s equipment is in complete compliance with API 17h and ISO 13628-8 Specifications for the design and interface of equipment to be utilized by ROVs. The specifications were actually developed from research performed by Detail Design, Inc. and Shell Offshore, Inc.

DDI manufactures: Male Hot Stabs, Female Hot Stab Receptacles, Blocking and Venting Receptacle Covers, Rigid and Compliant Handle Interfaces, T and Ring Handles and Interface Panels. They also manufacture a standard line of 10,000 and 15,000 psi rated equipment.

In January, 1994, the Deepstar Project carried out extensive comparative testing of DDI’s dual-function hot stab against hot stabs from other leading manufacturers. The Detail Design hot stabs scored consistently higher in overall performance and durability. They require low insertion and retraction forces, even while under pressure; and can achieve higher offset angles than other available designs.

  • 15,000 psi rated working pressure
  • Engineered from Nitronic and 316 SS materials for long-term durability
  • Compliant T- Handle accommodates offset insertion angles up to 32°
  • Insertion force of 15-20 lbs. with no offset
  • Retraction force of 30 lbs. with no offset
  • Accommodates large and small ROV systems
    60 lb forced withdrawal at 10,000 psi
    Light weight design
    Extensively tested and field proven

High Flow Locking Hot Stabs ( API 17H Type C)

This recently introduced Hot Stab is available in 5000-psi and 7500-psi models with a variety of port styles. The stab features our Detail Design Low Insertion Force configuration. A locking feature is also offered.

• Available in 5000-psi w/ SAE #16 Port and 7500-psi w/ SAE #12 Port (shown)

• Engineered from Nitronic and 316 SS materials for long-term durability

• Available with break away feature

• Interchangeability with API 17H Dual Port Stabs

20ksi WP Dual-Port Hot Stab

DDI is proud to offer a new line of 20ksi WP components. All pressure containing parts are tested to 150% of WP. The 20ksi product line includes:

    • 20ksi WP Dual-port hot stab
    • 20ksi WP Receptacle
    • Venting cover (compatible with 20ksi WP Receptacle)
    • Blocking cover (compatible with 20ksi WP Receptacle)
    • Custom High-Pressure tooling and assemblies are available upon request. Call or e-mail for details.