• ROV Intervention Equipment

    Available in both API 17H Type C & Type A configurations, DDI’s ROV Hot Stabs (6,000+ units currently in service) offer significant advantages over the competition.

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    ROV Intervention Equipment
  • ROV Valve Operators

    ROV Valve operators are available in a variety of styles. Feel free to contact us for details about our NEW Valve Operator Design rolling out in 2018.

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    ROV Valve Operators
  • Tendon Buoys

    The installation of Tension Leg Offshore Platforms requires a temporary buoy system to support the tendons prior to arrival of the hull structure. Once the tendons are connected to the hull, the buoys can be removed. Recognized as the World Leader.

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    Tendon Buoys
  • Quick Disconnect Gooseneck

    When bad weather approaches, rapidly disconnecting from an offshore drilling operation is necessary. One phase of the disconnect process involves removing the choke/kill/hydraulic/mud boost goosenecks from the telescopic joint.

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    Quick Disconnect Gooseneck
  • Subsea Accumulator Package

    The skid is ROV operable, subsea accumulator package for a well intervention system. It is designed to supply glycol and/or BOP control fluid. Separate control panels operate the 10,000 psi glycol and 3,000 psi regulated BOP fluid systems.

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    Subsea Accumulator Package
  • Running Tools

    Deploying subsea equipment requires the use of specialized running tools. Most take advantage of ROV-friendly actuators, valves and hot stabs.

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    Running Tools


Detail Design, Inc. (DDI) specializes in the design and fabrication of oilfield equipment. We are committed to producing equipment that meets the highest standards of operation and quality in a safe working environment.

Guided by our professional engineering staff, our fabrication, assembly and test personnel are experts in:

• Custom Solutions – Subsea, Surface, and Mobile
• ROV Intervention Tooling, Hot Stabs, Valves, and Panels
• TLP Tendon Buoy Systems
• Heavy Lift Appliances
• Subsea Accumulator Skids
• Choke/Kill Connectors and Quick Disconnect Systems
• Hose Reels

DDI Equipment is in service throughout the world.
We look forward to working for you.

Mission Statement

• To provide quality products through constant monitoring and improvement of engineering design and fabrication methods.

• To deliver equipment that is safe and reliable for its intended use that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

• To provide a safe working environment for DDI personnel.

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